The turf at Hamilton's Bernie Arbour Stadium will need replacement this spring after having sustained extensive damage during location shooting for the television series The Handmaid's Tale. The city is negotiating with the series' film company about the estimated $100,000 cost to re-sod the stadium.
The 1998 ice storm that crippled eastern Ontario and western Quebec, leaving thousands without power, had one redeeming quality. It launched the career of a Quebec arborist who is celebrating 20 years in business this year.
Vandals wishing to access Calgary's Shaganappi Golf Course for the purposes of cross country skiing have cut fences and ropes for entry ways, but are endangering their lives in doing so, says the individual who has been setting up ski tracks in the area for the past 30 years.
The recent Alberta cold snap, in which temperatures plunged to minus 40 degrees Celsius in some areas, likely didn't kill off the mountain pine beetle, experts say. The destructive insects develop a type of "antifreeze" in their blood, enabling them to survive and resume destroying boreal forests in the spring.
The emerald ash borer could potentially lead to the extinction of ash trees in Canada and wreak havoc on the ecosystems the tree species supports. The removal of ash trees along riverbanks would no longer filter runoff and capture sediment, and the open spaces created by the trees' removal would invite the arrival of invasive plants.
A golf course serve a greater purpose than simply being a venue for a game. It offers people the chance to connect with nature which in turn contributes to one's health.
An arborist who also provides winter snow removal services began his career in a most unlikely way. A photograph of him perched atop a 20-foot cliff face got the attention of a contractor who offered the man who thrives upon climbing trees a job with his company.
Three baseball diamonds and a soccer field were significantly damaged earlier this week in Kingston, Ont. by an off-road joyrider. It marked the second act of willful vandalism to sports fields in the city this year.
The Fallsview Casino Resort Conference Centre in Niagara Falls will again be the site for the Ontario Golf Course Superintendents Association’s annual conference, Jan. 16-18.
Former Montreal Canadiens great Yvan Cournoyer will be the keynote speaker in February at the Canadian Golf Course Management Conference in Quebec City.
With industry conference season fast approaching, landscape professionals, golf superintendents, sports turf managers and others involved in the professional maintenance of turfgrass are starting to make their travel plans. In many cases, such travels involve air transportation.
In 2014, unintentional fall-related injuries were the leading cause of unintended emergency room visits in the United States, accounting for more than nine million injuries, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the same year, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that more than 40,000 workers lost time at work due to ice-related slip-and-fall injuries.
Katie Dodson grew up in golf course management. Her father and grandfather, two uncles and a brother all are – or were – golf course superintendents, and she herself was an assistant superintendent (in Whitehorse) before switching to the research side almost 15 years ago.
Dollar spot is typically the No. 1 disease facing golf course superintendents each year, and it’s one that was misunderstood for decades. “For about 30 years, folks were trying to figure out what this fungus was,” Richard Buckley, director of the plant diagnostics lab at Rutgers University in New Jersey, said in July.
When a sports field needs a season-ending overhaul, a number of things can be done to have it ready for play the following spring. It can be aerated to relieve compaction, overseeded to re-establish turf in worn areas or even sodded in such high-traffic areas as goalmouths and the field’s centre.
When turfgrass experiences a problem, it typically turns a shade of yellow, tan or brown, no matter if the culprit is a disease or insect, making it difficult to accurately diagnose. Lawn care professionals must therefore gather as much information as possible to determine the exact cause of the problem, former turfgrass extension specialist Pam Charbonneau said.
Growing new trees in Sault Ste. Marie is a difficult process, the president of Tree Canada says, which makes it all the more important to protect the trees that currently exist in the city. Cold temperatures, abundant road salt and few species to choose from inhibit the growth rate, Mike Rosen said.
Now is the best time of year to lay sod, says Home Hardware lawn and garden expert Mark Cullen. Cooler soil, cooler evenings and heavy morning dew are all contributing factors toward making this the ideal time for sodding, he says.
The giant hogweed, a noxious plant that can cause third-degree burns or permanent blindness if contact is made, is spreading throughout British Columbia and Ontario. Eradicating the plant has proven difficult.
The owners of an executive golf course near Sudbury, Ont. have dedicated themselves to making the property a model of ecological business. In order to promote an environmentally-friendly haven for wildlife, they have adopted a traditional Scottish design aimed at minimizing pesticide use and creating wildlife habitat.
The lawn at Richmond, B.C.'s city hall is an eco-friendly mix of tall fescue, micro-clover and wildflowers, called Fleur de Lawn, that is chafer beetle resistant. It is a "living lawn," the city's environmental coordinator says, adding it attracts beneficial insects while denying crows, skunks and racoons the chance to dig up chafer beetle grubs.
A newly-published guide offers best practices for landscape professionals to better protect such pollinators as bees and butterflies while reducing the amount of pests in lawns, golf courses and other managed turfgrass settings.
After a spring of beautiful weather we have all been busy taking care of customers and keeping the business up and running. Sometimes that means we get so busy that we get behind on some jobs that we know would make life easier down the road but don’t ever seem urgent enough to make it to the top of the to do list.
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre in Vineland, Ont. is investigating improved turf grass cultivars in combination with new pest management tools to provide lawn care practitioners with the tools to grow healthy turf in residential areas.
As the City of Kamloops, B.C. sifts through an abundance of proposals for the future of McArthur Island Golf Course, a new suggestion has been pitched: turn the former nine-hole golf course into a tent city that would help manage the city's homeless.
An indoor complex for soccer and other turf sports has been given priority status by the City of Thunder Bay, Ont. The city currently has plenty of facilities for such indoor sports as hockey and swimming, but has nothing for soccer and other sports that could be played throughout the winter.
The sale of a 325-acre golf course on Prince Edward Island, that was a the centre of an ongoing dispute between the province and Mi'kmaq people, will be discussed this week in provincial court.
More than 1,000 ideas have been presented to the City of Kamloops, B.C. to help the municipality determine what the future holds for the former McArthur Island Golf Course. The former owner of the nine-hole gave up his lease after flooding had damaged the property. The facility is now in the city's hands.
Plans to repair damages to Toronto's waterfront parks that were extensively flooded last summer may come up short this year with what has so far been budgeted. The city's preliminary budget includes $2 million for the necessary repair work, but it's been estimated the damages amounted to about $7.4 million.
A study to determine the best possible means to deliver golf course services in Toronto has been proposed after years of financial losses. The cost of maintaining the city municipal courses has increased over the years while interest in the game has decreased.
Cuts in provincial funding to control mosquito populations in Winnipeg and surrounding area may give rise to the number of pest insects in the city this year and the possibility of increased West Nile virus cases.
Nova Scotia's minister of natural resources says the proponents of a proposed new golf course on land that is part of West Mabou Beach Provincial Park have yet to lobby her about its construction.
A deadly tree fungus that has killed millions of oak trees in Michigan is inching closer to the Canadian border. Windsor, Ont.'s manager of forestry and natural areas is gearing up to fight the deadly oak wilt.
Glen Abbey Golf Course has been designated a property of cultural heritage value under the Ontario Heritage Act. Oakville Town Council unanimously voted in favour of the designation at a specially convened meeting on Dec. 20.
Canadian scientists and city staff have teamed up in Winnipeg to explore the extent of the city's recently-discovered emerald ash borer problem. It's an issue that could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.
A nine-hole golf course once owned by the legendary Conacher brothers of NHL fame has its fate in the air. The current owners of the Wasaga Beach, Ont. property wish to develop the course, but a local residents' group wants the course to be declared a heritage site.
Land Pride's RC37 Series folding rotary cutters are available in widths of 12 and 15 feet and feature a three-inch cutting capacity with a cut height of 1.5 inches to 14 inches.
An assistant golf superintendent has come up with an idea that simplifies the deployment and collection of turf covers, reduces the amount of labour involved in their implementation, and significantly extends their shelf life.
Nutrite has begun distribution of Anuvia Plant Nutrients' GreenTRX to the Canadian turf industry. The product is an advanced-efficiency, multi-nutrient, slow-release specialty fertilizer that delivers fast, deep greening to turf.
Loftness’ line of snow blowers accommodates many makes and models of skid steers and tractors. Each unit is built with heavy-duty construction for maximum reliability and high performance.
Legacy Building Solutions offers superior quality fabric structures as a cost-effective solution for salt and sand storage. The buildings utilize a durable rigid frame instead of hollow tube, open web truss “hoop” framing traditionally used in fabric structures.
Exmark introduced its new 24-inch, stand-on aerator at the recent GIE + Expo in Louisville, Ky. The enhanced design of the compact, stand-on aerator was based off the company’s successful 30-inch, stand-on machine, and significantly increases the productivity and efficiency of lawn care professionals aerating smaller properties.
Husqvarna’s newest additions to its portfolio of professional outdoor power products were unveiled at the recent GIE + Expo in Louisville, Ky. New product introductions include several entirely new series of innovative and performance-optimized wheeled products, additions to the versatile professional handheld and battery-powered lineups, as well as the company’s line of accessories.
The Spider remote-controlled slope mower has taken another step forward with the ILD02, offering four-foot cutting widths and ability to climb slopes up to 55 degrees. Among the product’s highlights is its patented drive system – the Dancing Step – that utilizes a patented chassis design and enables omni-directional mowing without complicated manoeuvering. Four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering allows the mower to move and mow forward, sideways and backwards with unlimited continuous turning of all wheels through 360 degrees.
Billy Goat’s Force II wheeled blowers are now offered with optional 10-gross horsepower Vanguard power. Ideal for medium size maintenance contractors and large property owners, the F1002V Force blower combines innovative fan technology and operator ergonomics and leading class engine technology for superior blowing power and reliability.
A new commercial two-stage snowblower from the Toro Company has joined the market: the Toro Power Max HD Commercial 1028 OHXE (38806). It offers the benefits of the Power Max HD line with several innovative features incorporated into the new design.
Outdoor workers, athletes and anyone who spends significant time on his feet knows the importance of providing the right amount of comfort and sole protection to get through the day without suffering sore and tired feet.
Grasshopper's new fully-enclosed, full-view, metal winter cab keeps snow-clearing operators protected against the harsh winter elements.

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