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MunicipalFeaturesFall/Winter PreparationsSnow & Ice

January 24, 2024
University study shows winter road salt doesn’t impair bioretention plants

MunicipalNewsFall/Winter PreparationsSports turf

November 21, 2023
Sault Ste. Marie park erects fencing to keep snowmobiles, ATVs off sports fields

MunicipalFeaturesFall/Winter PreparationsGolf & Landscaping

September 12, 2023
5 easy steps to get equipment winter ready

MunicipalNewsFall/Winter PreparationsSports turf

July 19, 2023
Artificial turf surface at Winnipeg soccer complex allows play to continue into the fall

MunicipalFeaturesEarth WeekEco-Friendly SoilsFall/Winter Preparations

March 17, 2023
Research: Lawn quality at risk during leaf cover

MunicipalFeaturesFall/Winter PreparationsGolf & LandscapingHealth & Safety

December 19, 2022
Health & Safety: Preparing for extreme winter weather

MunicipalFeaturesEquipmentFall/Winter PreparationsGolf & LandscapingLandscaping

June 27, 2022
It will soon be time to winterize equipment

MunicipalFeaturesEarth WeekEco-Friendly EquipmentFall/Winter PreparationsGolf & Landscaping

December 12, 2021
Battery power: It’s catching up, but gas still has a place

MunicipalFeaturesFall/Winter PreparationsGolf & LandscapingHealth & Safety

October 25, 2021
Health & Safety: How fall fatigue impacts outdoor workers

MunicipalFeaturesFall/Winter PreparationsMowersSports turf

October 18, 2021
Make sports turf clean-up a priority this fall season

MunicipalFeaturesFall/Winter PreparationsGolf & LandscapingSnow & Ice

June 23, 2021
Planning needed for snow services

MunicipalFeaturesFall/Winter PreparationsGolf & LandscapingTree care

May 5, 2021
5 safety reminders arborists must understand

MunicipalFeaturesAutonomous Equipment & Battery PowerFall/Winter Preparations

January 12, 2021
Grande Prairie’s robotic mower/snowbot did well in summer, now tested for winter

MunicipalFeaturesFall/Winter PreparationsGolf & LandscapingSnow & Ice

October 9, 2020
Health and Safety: The scoop on snow shovelling safety