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Kamloops a trend setter for its embracing of xeriscaped yards over traditional lawns

City claims xeriscaping reduces water usage by about 50 per cent

August 4, 2023  By Turf & Rec

A growing trend toward xeriscaped yards is emerging in Kamloops, B.C. as residents are seeking to replace their traditional lawns with interesting plants that require less maintenance.

Lyons Landscaping reports the number of people wishing to adopt a xeriscaped yard is on the rise.

Among the attributes of xeriscaping is the reduced need for water to keep plants alive. The municipality suggests a xeriscaped yard requires about half the water needed to maintain a traditional grass lawn. The average city household in Kamloops uses upwards of 850 litres of water per day, but the number jumps dramatically in the summer to about 1,800 litres. About 80 per cent of that is for outdoor use.

A new gated subdivision in Kamloops features xeriscaping on each of its properties.




This article is part of the Turf Revival Week.

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