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Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesTechnology

March 26, 2024
Green roof technology has many benefits and can survive through periods of drought

Earth WeekFeaturesAgronomyEco-Friendly SoilsTurf Revival

March 25, 2024
The important role compost plays in tackling climate change

Earth WeekNewsLandscapingSnow & Ice

March 22, 2024
Advocacy group presses MOE to take action to mitigate road salt pollution of water

Earth WeekFeaturesEco-Friendly SoilsTurf careTurf Revival

January 30, 2024
DNA-analyzed compost plays key role in managing healthy turfgrass

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly EquipmentMowers

January 10, 2024
Safety guide released for propane-powered commercial mowers

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesTechnology

January 2, 2024
Advisory board of international experts established to help restore biodiversity by 2030

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesLandscaping

November 27, 2023
Road salt amounts must be reduced to save groundwater and lakes, researcher says

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesMunicipalTurf Revival

November 27, 2023
Alberta town mandates drought-tolerant grasses be grown on new lawns

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesLandscapingTurf Revival

November 15, 2023
Ecologists warn leaf raking is detrimental to important pollinators and birds

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesTurf Revival

November 13, 2023
Gardening writer shares the do’s and don’ts of the ‘leave the leaves’ campaign

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesLandscapingTurf Revival

November 6, 2023
Several agencies cite benefits for keeping fallen leaves unraked on lawns

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesTree care

October 31, 2023
Arborist warns artificial turf lawns can be damaging to trees, blocking water, oxygen

Earth WeekFeaturesEco-Friendly PracticesProfilesTechnologyTurf Revival

October 5, 2023
Research pegs distillery stillage as a promising turfgrass fertilizer

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesMunicipal

September 19, 2023
Kawartha Lakes council not quite ready to adopt proposed naturalization bylaw

Earth WeekFeaturesEco-Friendly PracticesProfilesTurf Revival

September 11, 2023
Canadian researchers play key role in better understanding sensitive soil composition

Earth WeekFeaturesAutonomous Equipment & Battery PowerEco-Friendly EquipmentTechnology

September 3, 2023
Electric and battery power going bigger in turf industry machinery

Earth WeekFeaturesAgronomyEco-Friendly PracticesTurf Revival

September 1, 2023
Are biosolids good for turf, or just bull? Research looks at practicality, sustainability

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesMunicipal

August 10, 2023
Property owner defiant in effort to get Magog, Que. to change its plant growth bylaw

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesLandscapingTurf Revival

August 4, 2023
Kamloops a trend setter for its embracing of xeriscaped yards over traditional lawns

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesLandscapingTurf Revival

July 28, 2023
Community workshops aim to give local residents an appreciation of sustainable landscaping

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesMunicipal

July 24, 2023
Belleville considering bylaw amendment to allow naturalization of residential lawns

Earth WeekNewsAutonomous Equipment & Battery PowerEco-Friendly EquipmentTechnology

July 19, 2023
Oakville, Ont. exploring the end of gasoline-powered lawn maintenance equipment

Earth WeekFeaturesEco-Friendly EquipmentMunicipal

July 11, 2023
Watch it again: The Death of Gas

Earth WeekFeaturesEco-Friendly Practices

June 26, 2023
Pond restoration can present different options to managers

Earth WeekFeaturesEco-Friendly PracticesMunicipalProfiles

June 19, 2023
Survey says: Natural grass is much preferred to artificial turf

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly PracticesGolf

June 16, 2023
Golfers to play key role in helping Niagara Falls golf course achieve Audubon designation

Earth WeekNewsEco-Friendly Practices

June 15, 2023
UBC expert offers advice on how to create green spaces that adapt to climate change

Earth WeekFeaturesEco-Friendly PracticesTurf Revival

June 12, 2023
Guelph Turfgrass Institute weighs in on No Mow May’s shortcomings