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Belleville considering bylaw amendment to allow naturalization of residential lawns

Less water and fertilizers required, city acknowledges

July 24, 2023  By Turf & Rec

City council in Belleville, Ont. is considering the allowance of naturalized lawns, suggesting a more natural environment is important for the biodiversity of the planet.

Neighbouring communities, including Quinte West and Prince Edward County, have already gone that route.

The most recent amendment to the city’s lawn maintenance bylaw was made about 10 years ago. Council will determine its potential move towards naturalization at its next meeting in August. Approval, however, doesn’t mean residents can stop mowing their lawns altogether.

Based on a recent survey, there is ample support in Belleville for the acceptance of naturalized lawns. The planting of native grass species and wildflowers is seen as a means to attract pollinators and reduce the need for water and fertilizers.

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