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Kawartha Lakes council not quite ready to adopt proposed naturalization bylaw

Without more information, councillors fear untidiness could deter business opportunities

September 19, 2023  By Turf & Rec

Councillors in Kawartha Lakes, Ont. aren’t quite ready to approve proposed amendments to the municipality’s Clean and Clear Yard bylaw. They’re seeking some additional information from staff before moving forward.

Coun. Eric Smeaton said he doesn’t want to see a messy-looking town that could potentially deter new business from coming to the area. Coun. Dan Joyce added the wording of the proposed amendment isn’t specific enough and could lead to residents becoming lazy and claiming their untidy property is a means to attract pollinators.

A solicitor who prepared the bylaw said aesthetics are difficult to define and that results might be necessary to quantify the definition.

It’s argued that bylaws that contribute toward increased naturalization will lead to a lesser need for herbicides, water and fuel.


Mayor Doug Elmslie, however, said he wonders if the municipality could be going overboard with its proposed amendment.

The bylaw will go before council on Sept. 26.


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