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Yellowknife fieldhouse user groups say they have the expertise about what surface is best

City to choose between artificial turf and gymnasium floor-like surface

December 13, 2023  By Turf & Rec

Sports groups hope to be consulted about the type of artificial turf surface that will be used for Yellowknife’s fieldhouse facility.

The current carpet-like surface has been criticized for several years. With feedback from residents, the city is considering either an artificial turf surface or a multi-use surface similar to a gymnasium floor. The benefit of a multi-use surface, the city says, is that it could better accommodate such sports as volleyball and futsal as well as trade shows and other events.

User groups currently playing out of the facility said they prefer artificial turf. During the fieldhouse’s prime winter season, 95 per cent capacity is reached. The number drops to about 22 per cent between April and October.

Proponents of artificial turf say it’s safer for athletes than the gymnasium-like surface and could potentially lead to increased revenue, especially among Ultimate Frisbee participants who favour the safer surface.


The city has allocated about $300,000 for the facility’s resurfacing.

Regular user groups say they have the expertise about which surface is best, suggesting their input should be considered.


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