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Winter dome pitched for Laurier University field in deal involving City of Waterloo

City would help pay for dome in exchange for use by community groups

October 12, 2023  By Turf & Rec

City council in Waterloo, Ont. is being asked to commit $2.5 million toward the cost of a dome to cover a sports field at Wilfrid Laurier University during the winter months.

In exchange for the funding, the university will provide more than 2,100 hours of field time to community user groups. The proposed deal includes the university charging fees, keeping revenues and looking after all operating costs.

Recreation planners for the city have recommended the proposal to council, suggesting community groups will have greater access to a quality field.

Council is to vote on the dome proposal – slated for the Seagram Drive field – on Oct. 16.


University governors have approved a new artificial turf surface for the field, a scoreboard, new lighting and footings for a dome.

The stadium had once been owned by the city – from 1974 to 1992 – before selling it to the university.


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