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Vernon, B.C. dog walkers suggest fencing off ball diamond panders to special interest group

Fencing plan will separate dogs from baseball players and fans

July 14, 2023  By Turf & Rec

New fencing that will separate dog walkers from baseball players and fans at Marshall Fields in Vernon, B.C. has generated mixed reaction.

City council had agreed to erect barrier fencing at the site after fielding reports of aggressive dogs scaring young ball players and urinating on spectators’ belongings.

But many dog owners and walkers are complaining that the fenced-off areas leave them with much less space for walking and takes away level walking areas. They argue that dogs are walked at the park all throughout the year while baseball is played only seasonally. They also note that footing on uneven ground makes walking more dangerous during the winter months.

Vernon Minor Baseball has contributed $10,000 toward the cost of fencing. The disgruntled dog walkers suggest council is pandering to a special interest group. The dog walkers also say that council proceeded with its plans without a suitable consultation process.

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