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Standing water on soccer field leads to controversy in W Gold Cup semi-final game

Canadian and American players and officials said game should have been postponed

March 8, 2024  By Turf & Rec

The waterlogged field at Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego became a point of contention on Wednesday during a semi-final game of the W Gold Cup between Canada and the United States.

The U.S. women won the game following a penalty kick shootout, but the controversy originated from large sections of standing water on the field which affected play and made it difficult for players to keep pace with the ball at their feet.

Eleven minutes into the game, a U.S. forward raced downfield with only the goalkeeper in her way, but the ball got caught in water, stopping her momentum and a scoring opportunity.

The standing water worked to the U.S. team’s benefit shortly after when a pass from a Canadian defender to the goalkeeper stopped in a puddle, giving a U.S. player the opportunity to pounce on the ball and put it into the net.


Players and officials from both teams later said the game should have been postponed, adding field conditions were ripe for potential injuries to occur.


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