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Yard maintenance bylaw change proposed for London to avoid fines for naturalized properties

Revised bylaw attempts to avoid confusion about what constitutes naturalization

February 20, 2024  By Turf & Rec

Changes are being suggested to London, Ont.’s yard maintenance bylaw to avoid conflict over what is perceived to be a “naturalized” property or one deemed a wildflower meadow.

The new bylaw is to removed the “naturalized areas” and “wildflower meadow” designations to be replaced by height limits of eight inches for turf lawns and three feet for vegetative growth.

The chairman of the city’s environmental stewardship committee is a supporter of natural landscaping, saying it requires less water, fewer chemical inputs and reduced mowing.

London’s previous policy led to differences in opinions and interpretations of the bylaw. Several complaints ensued from the older policy. The interpretation of the bylaw was up to the discretion of bylaw officers.


People who wanted to naturalize their lawns in the past were reluctant to do so because they feared being ticketed. The newly worded bylaw aims to remove confusion.


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This article is part of the Municipalities Week.

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