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Eight-year cosmetic pesticide ban comes to an end in Manitoba

Not everyone is happy with provincial government's change of heart

May 15, 2023  By Turf & Rec

An eight-year ban on cosmetic pesticide use has been lifted in Manitoba, giving residents more options for weed control.

Since 2014, Manitobans had few legally approved options for controlling dandelions and other weeds. Fiesta is still available for use, but so, too, now are Killex and Par III. The provincial government lifted the ban on previously non-approved products last November.

A spokesman for Weed Man said the few products available before the ban was lifted tended to be more expensive and needed to be applied more frequently.

Not everyone is happy with the government’s reversal in policy. Some residents say dandelions are important for pollinators and suggest previously banned products will harm beneficial microorganisms in the soil.


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