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Discussions to get underway for a proposed sports dome in Brockville, Ont.

Exact location for facility still to be determined

October 26, 2023  By Turf & Rec

Discussions are soon to begin between the City of Brockville, Ont. and a local sports groups regarding the erection of a sports dome proposed for the city’s north end.

The city is expected to partner with the Brockville Sports Dome Group to negotiate a lease agreement for a dome that has been pitched for Laurier Park. A dome would enable soccer to be played throughout the year.

The arrangement between the two parties would have the city provide the land while the sports group would assume the capital and operating costs based on a 10-year lease agreement.

The cost of the dome is expected to be about $2 million.


Council has debated the best location for the dome and wishes more information before approving the project.


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