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Toro adds hybrid fairway mower to its lineup

March 3, 2015  By  Mike Jiggens

The Toro Company has added the new Reelmaster 5010-H hybrid fairway mower to its lineup of commercial mowers.

The Reelmaster 5010-H delivers a true hybrid drive system. Toro’s exclusive PowerMatch™ technology seamlessly delivers the necessary power for flawless fairway playing conditions. The Reelmaster 5010-H can deliver more than 40 horsepower on-demand for climbing steep hills, verticutting, scalping or to support other peak load situations. 

Three years of field testing have demonstrated the Reelmaster 5010-H has the power to perform in the most rigorous golf course conditions, but it also saves significant time and money.

Through the integration of the PowerMatch™ system, the unit couples a 24.8 hp Tier 4-compliant Kubota® diesel engine with an inline motor generator and a self-charging 48-volt battery pack to provide consistent, productive and efficient traction and cutting performance. The mower boasts average fuel savings of 20 per cent when compared to other conventional fairway mowers and significantly more fuel savings when operated in the economy mode.


The move from hydraulic to electric cutting units has also resulted in other key customer benefits. First, the electric motors provide more precise control of both reel speed and clip rates, which translate into a more consistent cut quality and improved playability. Secondly, end users experience reduced maintenance downtime due to the elimination of the hydraulic components commonly associated with traditional cutting units. More than 100 potential leak points have been removed from the cutting system as a result of the move to all-electric cutting unit motors.

Operators and technicians will appreciate the easy-to-use, integrated onboard InfoCenter™ display, which provides system alerts, service reminders, diagnostics, and vehicle traction and cutting notifications.


The new Reelmaster 5010-H also features Plug ‘n’ Mow technology, which allows it to accept five-inch (12.7 cm) or seven-inch (17.7 cm) diameter Dual Point Adjustment (DPA) cutting units in eight or 11-blade configurations. Simply plug in the applicable cutting unit reel motors and the machine automatically makes the necessary adjustments.

The Reelmaster 5010-H hybrid fairway mower will be available through Toro’s network of authorized distributors. beginning in March.

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