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Start and end your season with Quali-Pro Iprodione 240 SE

August 5, 2010  By  Mike Jiggens

Start and end your season right with fast acting, long-lasting Quali-Pro Iprodione 240 SE fungicide. With the same active ingredient as Rovral® Green GT, Iprodione 240 SE controls brown patch, dollar spot, snow mould and other key diseases that can affect the condition of your turf.

“There’s nothing worse for a course superintendant than seeing
otherwise healthy turf affected by common diseases like brown patch and
dollar spot. That’s why we introduced Iprodione 240 SE,” said Quali-Pro
business manager Philip Somerville. “It’s active ingredient, Iprodione,
is a time tested way to prevent and treat these diseases, and can be an
essential part of snow mold control. It’s a tremendous product to start
and end your season with.”jugweb

Quali-Pro is firmly committed to being a premier manufacturer and
supplier of post-patent chemicals for the turf market in North America.
Backed by the strength of Makhteshim-Agan Industries, their focus is on
quality, value, performance and the continued success of their

For further information, contact Philip Somerville, Quali-Pro business manager at (905) 304-1168 or email psomerville@manainc.com

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