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Affirm fungicide gets Canadian registration

May 10, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

May 10, 2018 – Professional turfgrass managers in Ontario, limited by the number of pest control products legally available for use under the provincial cosmetic pesticide ban, have a newly-registered product they can add to their toolbox.

Affirm WDG fungicide, a product of Nufarm Agriculture Inc., has been registered for use in Canada to control anthracnose, rhizoctonia diseases, fairy ring and snow mould. Derived from a naturally occurring antifungal compound, Polyoxin-D zinc salt 11.3 per cent, the active ingredient in Affirm WDG, is not only a new mode of action to Canada but is part of the new FRAC Group 19.

Under Ontario Regulation 63/09, Polyoxin-D is listed as a Class 11 pesticide, which means ingredients contained in it are considered biopesticides or lower risk pesticides. Because Affirm is listed in Class 11, it does not need to be reported in the IPM annual class 9 pest control product ssage report.

Affirm WDG is effective for preventative control of anthracnose, brown patch, brown ring patch (waitea patch), fairy ring, grey snow mould, leaf spot and melting out, pink snow mould, red thread, waitea patch, and yellow patch. Additionally, it offers strong curative control of anthracnose, brown ring patch (waitea patch), fairy ring, grey and pink snow mould (suppression), and red thread.

“Affirm WDG offers Canadian turfgrass growers not only a unique FRAC Group for resistance management but a new tool that mixes well with other actives such as Tourney® for quick knockdown of the diseases listed above plus 21 days of dollar spot control,” Sabrina Bladon, turf and ornamental sales and marketing manager at Nufarm Agriculture, said. “Additionally, our Canadian trials have demonstrated that a tank mix of Affirm WDG plus Tourney® offers industry standard control of grey and pink snow mould.”

With one use rate for all turf diseases and an easy to use 1.09kg packet per acre, Affirm WDG is an ideal choice for controlling disease on golf course greens.

“Affirm WDG has successfully been used in the United States for many years,” Rick Fletcher, technical services manager, turf and ornamental, Nufarm Americas, said. “Affirm really sets itself apart from other fungicides with its curative activity on tough to control greens diseases like basal rot anthracnose, fairy ring and waitea patch.”

Affirm WDG is labeled as a non-conventional fungicide for use on turf found on golf courses, sod farms, and commercial and industrial lawns and out-door grown ornamentals. Affirm WDG is available exclusively through Nufarm in Canada.

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