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PMRA proposes cancellation of iprodione registration

April 7, 2016  By  Mike Jiggens

Health Canada has proposed the cancellation of the registration of iprodione, a fungicide which delivers fast-acting, long-lasting control of brown patch, dollar spot and other turf diseases.

The elimination of iprodione, which is active in such products as Rovril, Bayer's Trilogy Stressgard and Interface Stressgard, and Quali-Pro Canada's Iprodione 240 SE, could have a profound impact on the Canadian turfgrass industry, including golf courses, according to University of Guelph pathologist Dr. Tom Hsiang. He has shared news of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency's (PMRA) proposal with several turfgrass associations across Canada.

According to the PMRA: “The PMRA has assessed the available information and concluded that the use of iprodione and associated end-use products in accordance with the label poses potential risks of concern to human health. Specifically, potential health risk concerns were identified from exposure to iprodione in food and drinking water and from exposure to occupational workers under certain use scenarios. Therefore, the PMRA is proposing to cancel all uses of iprodione in Canada.”

Hsiang has urged these associations to comment directly to the  PMRA within 90 days of its publication regarding the re-evaluation of iprodione, dated March 17.


William MacMurdo, director, environmental science, Canada for Bayer CropScience, has said his company will respond to the PMRA as part of the public comment period.

"Bayer is committed to providing safe, effective solutions to the turf industry and continues to stand by our science," he said. "Bayer is currently reviewing the document to better understand PMRA's position. Pending PMRA's final re-evaluation decision, we will continue to offer iprodione-based solutions (Trilogy Stressgard and Interface Stressgard) and turfgrass managers/agents can continue to purchase, sell and use iprodione-based products.


"We will also partner with Canadian turfgrass industry associations regarding the importance of iprodione in the marketplace and any developments moving forward."

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