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Kanata Lakes Golf Course supporters not giving up in battle to save property from development

Ontario Superior Court of Justice has ruled in owner ClubLink's favour

October 24, 2023  By Turf & Rec

Despite a court ruling in favour of property owner ClubLink, community members and city officials have not given up in their fight to save the Kanata Lakes Golf Course from housing development.

The golf course, which opened in 1968, also serves as a year-round green space the community can enjoy. The property was purchased in 1996 by ClubLink, but it plans to convert the course into housing with about 1,500 residences.

The litigation hinged on a 1981 agreement that designates 40 per cent of the property to green space. The course itself constitutes the green space.

Last October, however, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled in ClubLink’s favour, saying the owner shouldn’t be obliged to perpetually operate a golf course. The Kanata Greenspace Protection Coalition argues the golf course drains large volumes of storm water which prevents the original adjacent housing development from flooding.


The coalition believes the city could help provide the clout it needs to challenge the 1981 agreement ClubLink signed which notes the property can’t be regraded or the storm water management function altered. A city councillor contends that ClubLink doesn’t have a storm water plan in place to address additional housing.


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