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Eco-friendly turf roller launched by Wood Bay

January 6, 2011  By  Mike Jiggens

Wood Bay Turf Technologies has launched for 2011 the
greensIRON Electra turf roller to its line of natural and synthetic
turf rollers.

The Wood Bay family of engineers, designers, fabricators and marketing professionals have introduced the eco-friendly greensIRON Electra. With field proven ruggedness and durability, the Electra now reaches more golf course superintendents and their special requirements..
The greensIRON Electra is ideal in those neighbourhoods where reduced early morning motor noise is a premium. woodbaywebThe Electra contains a 48-volt system with four standard 12-volt batteries in series, designed for achieving greater power than the competition with lower maintenance costs. It has a U.S. built AC induction traction drive motor with an integreted gear reduction box. This means a perfect high effiency system, smooth and quiet operation,  providing longer run times with no motor maintenance required. Designed to the highest standards, the Electra will roll 18 greens with no power shortage.
To meet the most challenging undulating green conditions, the Electra traction drive motor has an integrated fail safe parking brake – the parking brake automatically activates when the greensIRON shuts down. Standard equipment is an Integrated Contol System to monitor battery life with service reminders and diagnostics. The Smart Charger/Battery Charger comes standard to maximize run time.
The greensIRON Electra offers a truly quiet, no slip performance with a smooth forward and reverse transition. Easy to maneuvre, the Electra will reduce both rolling time and operating costs. Contact your local distributor for a demonstration.

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