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Second generation 22-foot roller mower introduced

July 16, 2012  By  Mike Jiggens

After extensive testing and evaluation, including several seasons
operating as a production mower, Progressive Turf Equipment has introduced the next generation of its popular TDR-22, to be shown at
the TPI Summer Conference and Field Day. With a 22’ cutting swath, this
Tri-Deck roller mower is scheduled for release at the start of the 2013
model year. The new TDR-22n will be available in both painted and the
popular galvanized deck configurations.

“Since 2007, the TDR-22 has proven itself as a reliable production mower,” said Luke Janmaat, president of Progressive Turf Equipment, “and it has really gained a loyal following as producers experience the benefits of using a 22’ wide roller mower.”  progressiveweb

While the stripping effect is the visual result, the rollers help smooth the surface and ‘stitch’ the root mass together, creating a stronger mat for harvesting. Mowing speed is generally higher than with comparable width wheel mowers as the rollers are able to bridge minor depressions and ribbons without scalping the turf.

The new TDR-22n has several significant changes including: revised wing pivot geometry, enhanced fore/aft deck balance, a wide profile tire option with 70 per cent greater contact area to reduce ground pressure and soil compaction and a focus on reduced maintenance requirements, just to name a few.


The new TDR-22n is equipped with the industry exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn® system as a standard feature, which allows the operator to lift the decks slightly with the PTO still engaged making turning “easier on the turf.”  Lifting the rollers during a turn prevents product/crop damage from the rollers sliding on immature turf. Pro Lift-N-Turn® has simply eliminated the issues competitive models face when turning at the headlands.

“When you consider this important crop-saving advantage along with the benefit of being able to chose from the four different blade options we have available, it is easy to see how the TDR-22n can be truly considered a production class mower where others can’t,” Janmaat said.


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