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North Bay looking at potential sites for the construction of new cricket field

Cricket is regarded as Canada's fastest-growing sport

April 2, 2024  By Turf & Rec

Photo: Lance Bellers/Adobe Stock Images

North Bay, Ont.’s soon-to-be-approved capital budget includes funding for the design of a cricket field and its subsequent construction.

A site search is underway for a cricket field, and geotechnical work will follow on locations considered. A vast area will be required to accommodate a cricket field that is expected to measure about 200,000 square feet. One city councillor suggested there may be sufficient space at the Steve Omischl Sports Complex.

Local cricket players have been using confined spaces for play in recent years. Cricket is regarded as Canada’s fastest-growing sport, and it’s estimated the number of players in the country could reach a half-million within the next decade. Hundreds of new cricket players have settled in the North Bay area, including many from South Asia.

The capital budget includes a line for a cricket facility design of $140,000 and $2.37 million for construction costs. Construction could begin in 2026 with completion occurring by the end of that year.

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