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Movement calls on government to rescind its closure order of Ontario golf courses

Closures will lead to massive loss of revenue, layoffs

April 19, 2021
By CTV News


A movement is afoot in Ontario that calls on the Ford government to rescind its closure of golf courses. The premier announced Friday that golf courses were being lumped into a number of outdoor recreational spaces that would have to close until at least May 20. This isn’t sitting well with the golf industry, which reiterates that golf is perhaps the safest outdoor activity that can be pursued during the COVID-19 pandemic. It adds that fully booked tee times on the weekend is a massive loss of revenue that will lead to staff layoffs.


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4 Comments » for Movement calls on government to rescind its closure order of Ontario golf courses
  1. Gagandeep Malhotra says:

    This is how the last meeting with science table went.
    Ford: we screwed this pandemic, cases are on the rise, what do we do?
    Science table: well we need to address factories and warehouses as that contributes to majority of indoor transmission.
    Ford: ok, I am closing the golf courses.. let others suffer too.

  2. Joan kreitzer says:

    I am a golfer. People on a golf course are respectful and all keep their distance unless you want to get hit by a club. All golfers stay at least 6 ft away at all time. Safety is a big issue on a course and all golfers know this. Don’t treat adults like toddlers and respect their conduct on a course. Shame on you for treating this situation without thought and respect for responsible adults. RETHINK this. It’s to your advantage and to the well being of these now irate golfers.

  3. DM says:

    I have no issue with golf closures IF there is evidence that Covid transmission is occurring there. As far as I have seen and heard, golfing is safe and healthy. Don’t take away a safe activity just because. Show the science first. Most would agree.

  4. Mark Hall says:

    I voted for Ford, but now regret it. His handling of the Covid outbreak is a joke.

    Closing golf courses is the most obvious sign that this government is clueless and wreckless.

    I got a call on Sunday past from Ford’s party looking for a donation… guess what my response was!!!

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