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Landscaping attire adaptive to changes in outdoor conditions through the day

July 31, 2023  By Turf & Rec

A new line of attire designed specially for landscapers and gardeners is available in Canada from Genus Gardenwear, a British-based company. The clothing spans a wide range of attire, from tops and pants to headgear and thermal wear that is geared for all seasons. Such outdoor work includes hours of bending, kneeling, stretching and walking no matter the outside temperature or conditions. Clothing, therefore, must be comfortable and adaptive to the outside conditions.

Genus Gardenwear has a pair of zip-off trousers that can be worn during the start of the day when it’s cooler outside and transform into shorts once the day becomes warmer. A hidden zipper in the lower thigh area allows the pants to instantly become shorts as the temperature rises. The pants are available in short, regular and long sizes.

Another of the company’s products is the men’s Wisley gardening gilet or vest. Endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, the vest has several design features aimed at landscapers and gardeners. Tested by Turf & Rec, the garment provides additional warmth and comfort in a variety of conditions. Made from a wind-resistant bonded soft shell fabric, it provides plenty of stretch and freedom of arm movement to allow the job to get done without restricting the worker.

It can be worm atop both a heavier, long-sleeved shirt or a T-shirt, depending on the outside temperature. It features several pockets, including an inside breast pocket as well as one situated in the back. The water-repellent vest’s pockets are “stab-proof” to prevent scissors and knives from penetrating the fabric.


The vest is made from polyamide, spandex and polyester.



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