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V-plow Guard System comes to contractor market

September 19, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Sept. 19, 2018 – As part of its initiative to bring its commercial solutions to the contractor market, Winter Equipment is announcing the launch of its V-Plow Guard system. The complete system features steel blades, centre and outer PlowGuards, hardware and installation instructions.

All steel is reinforced with winter carbide matrix hard facing weld, increasing blade efficiency, while also reducing damage from rough roads and unseen obstructions. Additionally, the PlowGuards and blade work in tandem to protect and reduce uneven and premature wear, eliminating in-season blade changes and greatly reducing downtime.

“V-Plows have significantly increased the quality and efficiency of small independent plow operations, as well as allowing one vehicle to work in multiple situations,” Kent Winter, founder and CEO, Winter Equipment, said. “A plow that is broken or damaged is a plow that’s not making its owner any revenue, and in a one-plow operation, that’s fatal. Our V-Plow Guard system can pay for itself in just a couple seasons with greater uptime, while increasing efficiency because of our superior design and attack angle.”

The V-Plow Guard system is currently compatible with Western, Fisher and SnowEx plow models. Plans for additional models are currently under way.


Winter Equipment, a leader in premium cutting edges and innovative wear parts for the snow removal and road maintenance equipment industry, has nearly 30 years of experience in providing solutions to the industry. With 17 patents, Winter brings technology and engineering processes from other industries and combines them with application and process know-how to create products that wear longer, reduce downtime and provide value with longer life.

For more information on Winter and its products, visit www.winterequipment.com.


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