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Pro-Flex 120 rough mower now offers red or green options

June 4, 2015  By  Mike Jiggens

In keeping with the green colour associated with John Deere, Progressive Turf Equipment has responded with a green version of its Pro-Flex 120B contour rough mower.

Progress Turf claims more than half of all Pro-Flex 120 models sold since it was first introduced in 1999 are pulled by John Deere tractors. The company added the green colour to appeal to golf superintendents' focus on course aesthetics.

Customers can now choose either the traditional Progressive red paint or the industry green livery depending upon which tractor they operate.  Other than the colour, the features and specifications of a GREEN Pro-Flex 120B are exactly the same as a RED Pro-Flex 120B contour mower.


Field proven changes, introduced on the Pro-Flex over the past few years include; automatic belt tensioners, maintenance free blade spindles, and 100 hour greasing interval PTO shafts reduce maintenance time and lower the overall operating cost.  This makes the combination of a Pro-Flex 120B and a 30 ~ 40 HP utility tractor an even greater value when compared against a high horse power Tier 4 self-contained mower.

With five independent floating decks, the Pro-Flex 120B rough mower can easily follow contour changes that are commonly found on golf courses, producing a uniform quality cut that is demanded by superintendents and members alike. An advantage of the Pro-Flex 120B is the ability to easily cut a transition or "first-cut" between the fairway and rough in no time at all. Cut height is conveniently set on each deck so the operator can use the Pro-Flex 120B to help speed play and make the grounds crew look even better.


For more information, visit http://www.progressiveturfequip.com/pf120b_ss_details.php

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