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Forests Ontario to supply trees to Toronto in support of urban ecosystem’s biodiversity

November 15, 2021  By Turf & Rec

The City of Toronto has taken a step forward in supporting the health and biodiversity of its urban ecosystems.

A contract has been approved with Forests Ontario to supply and deliver native source-identified trees and shrubs from 2022-2031.

More than 197,000 trees and shrubs will be sourced and delivered through the Tree Seed Diversity Program.

Together with the Parks, Forestry, and Recreation division, Forests Ontario will work with its network of partners to forecast and collect seed, as well as track and monitor stock development with participating nurseries. This initiative will help to support the resilience of Toronto ecosystems to climate change impacts through the planting of source-identified trees and shrubs including community planting and restoration planting in parks, ravines, and other key areas.

“Through our many partners, including seed collectors, nurseries, and planting delivery agents, Forests Ontario is uniquely equipped to carry out this essential program,” Elizabeth Celanowicz, chief operating officer of Forests Ontario,  said. “Source-identified plant material is key to improving genetic diversity and helping urban forests respond to climate change.”


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