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Editorial: November-December 2016

My interview with African royalty

December 6, 2016  By  Mike Jiggens

In early October, I had the pleasure to interview by telephone an employee of a British Columbia-based landscaping business. This was no ordinary employee, however.

The gentleman I spoke with was the new chief of an African tribe in Ghana who “moonlights” as a labourer with S. Watson, The Landscape Consultants in Langley. For about 10 months of the year, he mows lawns, trims hedges and plants trees for customers of the design/build/maintenance landscaping firm.

In his home country, he is considered as royalty.

I wasn’t sure what the protocol was for me when conducting the interview. Should I address him as “Your Highness” or perhaps “Chief” or some other appropriate honorific? Fortunately, his employer, Susan Watson, simply called him Eric—Eric Manu to be exact. That worked for me.


In his home region of Ghana, Manu is addressed as Nana Afori Paaben II. For the purposes of our telephone interview, “Eric” was much easier for me to pronounce.

Manu had an interesting story to tell that you can read in greater detail on page 10.


A humble, soft-spoken man, he continues to work in Canada for the better part of the year to help improve the standard of living in his home region. Together with Watson, they are driving a foundation which collects donated goods for shipment to the village of Adansi Aboabo No. 2 in Ghana.

This one of those “feel good” stories we like to share.

Again, details of how others can get involved in supporting this charity are outlined in the story.

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