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Editorial: September-October 2016

A new chapter begins for Turf & Recreation

October 12, 2016  By  Mike Jiggens

Eagle-eyed readers of this publication will notice from the left side of this page that Turf & Recreation has moved its offices to Simcoe, Ont. from Delhi, Ont.

It’s more than just a physical move. The publication was sold on Aug. 31 to Annex Business Media, which has been printing our magazine for the past 22 years.

Former owner/publisher Bart Crandon will continue to have a presence with Turf & Recreation for the next while as he oversees the transition from one company to another.

It will otherwise be business as usual, and I will continue on as editor.

Some new and exciting changes are in the offing, however. In the coming months, both the print edition of Turf & Recreation and our website will be given major overhauls as a means of refreshing ourselves and making ourselves both more reader-friendly and more accessible in the ever-changing digital world.

Annex Business Media has a pool of talented graphic artists and digital wizards who are dedicated specifically to their craft. Their talents will be fully utilized to create a more readable print product and produce a greater digital presence for us that will be more immediate, interactive and eye-catching.

In fact, we’ll be joining the 21st century with a Facebook page of our own and some other exciting new ventures into the digital universe. Much of this will be new to me, but I’m all set to prove that you can in fact teach an old dog new tricks.

The digital changes are already happening, well in advance of the pending alterations to our print edition, which are expected this spring.

I should point out at this time that our web address will remain at www.turfandrec.com. To reach me, however, email should be directed to mjiggens@annexweb.com and phone calls can be made directly to me at (519) 429-5184 extension 262. Forget about my old turf.mike@on.aibn.com address. Mail sent there will still reach me, but for only a limited time as we deal with the transition.

Bart can be reached at bcrandon@annexweb.com or (519) 429-5181.

After 22 years of working in Delhi, this new transition requires a bit of an adjustment on my part. I’ve been accustomed all these years to working with two others in the office. Now I have about 70 co-workers. I’m sure it will take months for me to put names to all these new faces.

I’m also working with completely different software writing and editing tools than what I’ve been accustomed, but so far, so good.

I’m up to the challenge to catch on to these changes and am confident I’ll fit in with this new team.

Stay tuned. –

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