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Arizona golf course getting ripped up by foraging wild pig-like creatures

Chili oil showing promise as deterrent to javelinas

October 27, 2023  By Turf & Rec

The Seven Canyons Golf Club in Sedona, Ariz. has been taking a beating of late by wild pig-like creatures.

The animals – javelinas or peccaries – have been ripping apart turf on the golf course while foraging for food. It’s not the first fall season the animals have left their mark on the course, but past damages were rare.

It’s believed the hotter-than-normal summer this year is what has driven the animals onto the golf course. The club has been working with the Arizona Game & Fish Department to find a means of dealing with the javelinas which have reportedly numbered between 30 and 50 squadrons (a squadron, or herd, is made up of six to nine animals).

Several divots to the grounds have been made by the squadrons. Spreading coyote urine in strategic places was thought to be a possible solution five years ago, but it made things worse. Chili oil is being tried now and is showing promise at keeping the animals at bay.


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