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ZeroTol® arrives in Canada

May 17, 2010
By Mike Jiggens

BioSafe Systems LLC of Hartford, Conn. has established Canadian distribution for
ZeroTol® broad-spectrum fungicide/algaecide. ZeroTol has long been recognized in the
U.S.A. as a leader in reduced risk biodegradable disease control and a cornerstone of
many bio-security programs. ZeroTol is registered with Health Canada for use on turf.

“We are excited to be chosen to represent this innovative product.” said Bruce Vance,
product & marketing manager for Evergro Canada. “Growers throughout Canada have
been watching ZeroTol successfully combat plant disease in the U.S.A. for several years.”

“ZeroTol® is also used to control algae and several diseases on all types of turf including
lawns, golf greens, sportsfields and landscapes,” said Wayne Myers, Plant Products
marketing manager. “It is non-phytotoxic and works on contact.”

For more information, contact Plant Products Co. Ltd. or MGS Horticultural Inc. in Eastern Canada or Evergro Canada Inc. in Western Canada.