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NFL report states injury occurrences on artificial turf are on par with those on natural turf

League's players' association, however, continues to push for elimination of synthetic surfaces

February 2, 2024  By Turf & Rec

A report comparing football injuries on both natural and artificial turf fields has found the number of lower body injuries was virtually the same in 2023 on both types of playing surfaces – with or without contact.

The report was compiled from a joint committee assembled by the National Football League and its players’ association.

The NFL Players’ Association, however, plans to continue to push for artificial turf to be eliminated at all stadiums. A statement from the NFLPA noted a properly maintained natural turf field is more conducive to player safety.

Although data compiled for the report indicated the number of injuries occurring on both types of playing surfaces was similar, players have said they feel much worse after competing on artificial turf.


MetLife Stadium in New York has come under fire the most, where several notable injuries have occurred this season alone on its synthetic surface.


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