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Ice concerns drive dog walkers to baseball field side of controversial fence

Fencing installed at Vernon, B.C. park to separate dogs from baseball players

January 16, 2024  By Turf & Rec

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Fencing that was installed last summer at Vernon, B.C.’s Marshall Fields, to separate an off-leash dog park from baseball players and spectators, is being ignored this winter for what dog owners claim to be safety reasons.

Dog owners say the ball diamond side of the fence is flat and more conducive for walking their pets. The other side of the fence, where dogs are supposed to be, at least during baseball season, isn’t maintained and is icy, dog owners suggest.

The fence installation was steeped in controversy last summer with dog owners complaining the amount of parkland dedicated to the baseball fields was excessive, limiting the amount of space reserved for dogs. A compromise was eventually reached for the fence placement to provide more land for the dog park.

The dog park’s proximity to Vernon Creek has raised concerns about ice on that side of the fence.


Local dog owners say they’ll continue to use the ball field side of the fence for walking their pets through the winter season.


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