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Eco Turf: The Podcast Ep. 3

June 7, 2023  By Turf & Rec

Turf & Rec presents the third episode in a six-part podcast series, exploring regenerative soil science.

Our guest is Randy Booker, golf course superintendent at Otter Creek Golf Club in Otterville, Ont. and principal of Turf Evolution. Over the past several years, he has subscribed to the practice of regenerative soil science in managing his golf course, noting the strategy has reduced his reliance on such inputs as fertilizer and pesticides and has allowed microorganisms in the soil to flourish which, he says, sets the stage for healthy turf to be realized.

In this third episode, Randy notes the principles of regenerative soil science are the same, whether it’s golf course management, lawn care or sports turf maintenance. He also says that tillage and core aeration are detrimental to the practice of regenerative soil science.


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