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Battery-powered zero-turn mows more than 21 acres on a single charge

January 22, 2023  By Turf & Rec

Greenworks Commercial has introduced its most technologically advanced commercial zero-turn mower – the OptimusZ.

The machine can mow more than 21 acres on a single charge. With up to eight hours of run time, it is a fast, powerful, and capable commercial ride-on mower with a top cut speed of 16 MPH while maintaining a 19K constant blade tip speed that cuts through any grass conditions.

With a lower total cost of ownership compared to conventional gas-powered zero-turn mowers, made possible through zero fuel cost and a 2,000-hour guaranteed maintenance-free design, it can save landscapers more than $13,200 over the first three years. A complete range of more than eight OptimusZ models was launched during the Equip Expo show in Louisville, KY, in October 2022.

By late 2023, Greenworks Commercial is set to begin manufacturing its fully autonomous, self-driving commercial ride-on mower, OptimusAI, in Morristown, TN. This innovative ride-on mower, based on the OptimusZ platform design, features sophisticated GPS-RTK navigation and vision-based live-object avoidance technology, allowing both self-driving and manned-driving modes. In its self-driving mode, the system operates with an accuracy of one inch.


Greenworks Commercial recently launched its mobile charging trailer, OptimusMC, which clears the way for rapid electrification and making highly polluting fossil fuel outdoor power equipment a relic of the past. The 20-foot OptimusMC trailer features a 26kWh built-in lithium-ion battery that keeps everything in the trailer charged all day. Greenworks Commercial ride-on mowers and batteries automatically charge while in the trailer overnight and in transit.

The trailer features three EV-style 6kW chargers capable of charging three Greenworks ride-on mowers, inside or outside, alongside 18 fully temperature-controlled battery ports, capable of charging handheld batteries at up to 10A each, along with four additional 20A 110V AC outlets for additional power needs. The entire trailer can be charged overnight through a single Level II EV charger or its roof-mounted 3kW solar panels. The trailer also features integrated tool storage solutions, 4G/GPS theft protection, trailer vitals monitoring system and IoT connectivity, putting the commercial landscaper fully in command.


Intelligent Power is embedded in nearly every Greenworks product. By combining battery and brushless motor technology; managed by intelligent control systems as well as onboard, cloud-based IoT interfaces; Greenworks can create superior power, extended run times and smarter equipment while providing an ideal overall user and service experience, all with zero emissions.


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