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AerWay introduces all new Shattertine for turf applications

July 19, 2010  By  Mike Jiggens

AerWay pioneered the original Shattertine for soil aeration almost 30 years ago, and now introduces the next generation of the tine. It maintains the original “twist and lean” to produce the “shattering” of the soil profile to eliminate compaction, but  the bulk of the tine has been reduced to lower ballasting requirements and lessen surface disruption. aerwaywebAs well, the leading edge of the tine has been scalloped to decrease binding and make it easier for the tine to get into the ground. Advances in design modeling and material technology used to produce the new tine reduce size without sacrificing strength, wear characteristics or function. For more information, visit http://www.aerway.com or call 1-800-457-8310.

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