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Creating a mosquito-free outdoor zone

July 23, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

July 23, 2018 – Residential customers who have invested greatly in new backyard features for their homes will want to spend quality time there during the summer months, but often they are driven inside by the relentless onslaught of mosquitoes. They are pleased with the quality work done by the landscape contractor they hired, but can’t reap the full enjoyment of their new features because of the pest insects.

Landscape contractors may want to recommend to their customers the NuTone Haven, a backyard mosquito repellent system that produces an invisible zone of protection that repels biting mosquitoes.

Each Haven mosquito repellent fixture contains a vaporizer that releases an odourless, invisible repellent that protects a 12-foot diameter area. A four-pack kit provides up to 440 square feet of coverage. An additional fixture can be added to provide a greater protection zone on decks, patios or outdoor areas.

Each kit provides season-long mosquito protection on the assumption of a 90-day season and 2.4 hours per day of use. More than 216 hours of mosquito protection are provided by each repellent cartridge.


NuTone Haven system has been designed to be installed by do-it-yourselfers in five easy steps in less than two to three hours. It operates with low-voltage, so there is no need for an electrician. Before installation, it is important to determine the number of fixtures needed to cover the targeted area. The controller can support a maximum of five fixtures. The company recommends the installation of the five fixtures at the same time.

Installation recommendations are:


• Measure the patio, porch or deck
• Determine the location for the controller
• Lay electrical cable down to outline the protection zone
• Determine the best location for each fixture

Fixtures should be spaced 10 to 12 feet apart and the main cable should be buried into the ground. The four-pack kit includes four fixtures, four repellent cartridges, low-voltage wire and one controller. An expander kit featuring one fixture and one repellent cartridge is also available as well as a four-pack repellent refill kit.

The repellent is harmless to people and pets yet is effective against all types of mosquitoes. Simply press the control button to turn the system on or off. An LED indicator will flash to indicate it is time to check or replace the repellent. The controller must be connected to a 120-volt, waterproof electrical socket.

The system doesn’t need to be uninstalled at the end of the season. The fixtures are robustly built and can be left outside all year round, as well as the repellent refills.

The Haven system does not kill mosquitoes. It merely keeps them away from the targeted protection zone. The repellent is bee-friendly, yet is toxic to aquatic organisms. Installation, therefore, should be conducted a safe distance away from ponds.

A user’s case study:

“My wife and I decided to give this system the ultimate test. During our recent two-week camping trip to Ontario’s Lake Simcoe region – a campground notorious at dusk for its swarms of mosquitoes – we installed the system adjacent to our tent where we would ordinarily eat and relax in our camp chairs. The system was straightforward to install (we had an electrical site). Once dusk set in we were able to sit comfortably outdoors and watch movies on our laptop, never once having to swat at mosquitoes. The campers at the site next to ours asked us the next morning how we were able to put up with the mosquitoes, telling us the insects were so bad that they were driven inside their camper for the night. We showed them the Haven system and explained how it worked. Our inquisitive neighbours took out a cell phone and photographed the Haven box so that they could look into acquiring a system of their own once their trip concluded. Before our camping trip ended, we fielded several other questions about the system from other curious campers. We thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks of mosquito-free camping. If this system could pass the test at a densely-wooded campground, we knew it would be ideal at home.” — Mike Jiggens, editor, Turf & Rec

For more information about the NuTone Haven, visit http://www.nutone.ca/haven.asp.

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