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Watch it again: Guardians of the Green: Understanding White Grubs and Protecting your Turf

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In case you missed it the first time around or wish to watch it again, here is your opportunity to catch up on the Plant Products-sponsored webinar, Guardians of the Green: Understanding White Grubs and Protecting Your Turf.

The webinar, which was presented live on Feb. 28, is a dedicated turf grub education session that can elevate your turf care expertise and business success. In this session, we’ll cover an introduction to white grubs with an understanding of their impact on turf and how turf protection can be a catalyst for business expansion.

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Dr. Katerina Jordan is an Associate Professor at the University of Guelph, where she has been conducting turfgrass science research since she began in 2005. She has conducted studies on thatch management, alternative weed control, soil loss in sod production, and plant-parasitic nematodes. More recently, she has expanded her program to look at root pathogens in turf and a variety of other horticultural plants. She has taught courses in turfgrass insects, biological control of plant diseases, research methods and statistics, plant disease epidemiology, and IPM to diploma, undergraduate, and graduate students as well as certificate students in turfgrass management. She hopes to continue conducting studies on the sustainable management of turfgrass pests with an emphasis on turfgrass root pathogens and to continue to teach IPM and sustainable turf management principles to turfgrass managers in all sectors of the industry.

John Libs is currently CEO of Phyllom BioProducts Corp (PBC). Concerned with environmental issues that are now impacting all plant/crop protection industries, including: agriculture (pollinator die off / bee colony and Monarch butterfly collapse), Landscape, Park & Golf Course Care (water shed contamination issues), forestry (deforestation of hardwoods in N. America), and poultry (disease-vectoring insect pest resistance to current products). He and the PBC Team have developed novel, market-launched Biological Insect Control products that control borers, beetles and weevils, some of the most devastating insect pests in North America and worldwide. He has worked as a business manager and scientist in the biotechnology field for 30+ years in a wide range of biotech fields, including human stem cells, cancer, HIV, and aging (Affymax, Geron, UCSF, PPD Discovery), and biological detection systems (Siometrix, Black Ivory Biotech). His expertise which lends value to this company include 20+ years of experience in creating technologies and developing commercial products specifically in the BioPesticides Industry (Phyllom, Sandoz Agro, Maxygen/Verdia Inc (Dupont)), including manufacturing (fermentation and formulation), field testing, and active ingredient/product registrations. He’s also successfully engineered numerous Bacillus thuringiensis insecticidal proteins for use in BioControl products and for research focused on understanding the modes of action of these proteins.

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