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New Bannerman unit cultivates, grates and buries stones

March 19, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

The Bannerman/Re-Mac Debris & Stone Burier is designed to cultivate, grate, and bury stones as well as debris, leaving behind a leveled blanket of fine soil.

It features a working width of 1.45 metres (57 inches) for tractors from 30 to 45 HP. Other features include standard Cat #1 & #2 three-point hitch system, a length of 72 inches, width of 75 inches, height of 54 inches and weight of 1,190 pounds. Its working depth is 7.8 inches.

It comes complete with: PTO shear bolt shaft, leveling grader blade on screw jacks, rear adjustable “net” roller, soil scraper and brush, 28 special contra rotating blades, and 9mm spring debris tines on 5/8” centres.

To see the unit at work, click here.


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