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Action required on Senator Re-evaluation by PMRA

March 29, 2011  By  Mike Jiggens

Thiophanate methyl, the active ingredient in Senator 70WP WSB fungicide, has been re-evaluated by the PMRA.  The PMRA has proposed key changes that, if adopted, will drastically impact the flexible use of Senator 70WP WSB fungicide. Superintendents have an opportunity to help maintain their members' current use patterns of this product by writing letters of support to the PMRA which has published a proposed decision on its re-evaluation in report number PRVD2011-07. The PMRA is looking for public input on its decision as well as proposed changes to the product labels. Engage Agro is requesting superintendents to review Engage's summary of the PMRA’s decision below and provide comment back to the agency no later than April 1, 2011.

Key points Engage Agro has identified upon review of the document include the following. Superintendents are urged to use any of these key points that they support in their letter to the PMRA.

• Superintendents support the re-evaluation of older chemistries. They continue to support registration of thiophanate methyl, the active ingredient in Senator 70 WSB fungicide, as it continues to be an important disease control tool for supers in the turf market.

• Senator WSB is the only group 1 fungicide for use in turf and is an important tool for resistance management.


• Superintendents support a harmonized approach to re-evaluation between Canada and the U.S. for Senator WSB.  In particular, they request studies required to support continued registration be identical between the two countries. Superintendents do not wish to be at a disadvantage over their U.S. counterparts and lose flexibility for treatment of important diseases with an economical fungicide.

• Superintendents do not support the removal of fairways from the Senator WSB label. Fairways are consistently treated for dollar spot control throughout the season, and Senator WSB continues to be an economical tool.


• Superintendents do support the rate reduction to a maximum 175 g/100m2; however do not support the restriction to 1 application of Senator WSB at this rate per year. Superintendents require flexibility to treat turf diseases with Senator WSB. Optimal applications of Senator WSB on turf are 2 applications at the low rate with an additional 1 application at the higher rate.

• Superintendents accept new buffer zones listed in the document.

Kevin Falls, Engage Agro business unit manager (greenhouse, nursery, mushroom and turf products), has urged superintendents to forward a copy of their letter to Engage Agro at kevinfalls@engageagro.com or by mail to: Kevin  J. Falls P. Ag., Business Unit Manager-  Greenhouse, Nursery, Mushroom & Turf Products, Engage Agro Corporation, 1030 Gordon Street, Guelph ON, N1G 4X5.

The original letter should be emailed to pmra.publications@hc-sc.gc.ca. The reevaluation report number — PRVD2011-07 — should be entered in the subject field of the email.

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