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Yamada returns as IPM council head

February 11, 2013  By  Mike Jiggens

After an open bid process, the IPM Council of Canada has confirmed Teri
Yamada as the executive director for another three-year term.

Since 2009, the Golf IPM Accreditation program has grown from a voluntary, paper-based program with approximately 170 lawn care companies and 40 registered golf facilities to an on-line program linked to a government regulation serving more than 700 registered properties. The board of directors has expressed confidence in her experience working with the IPM advisory committee to develop and administer the IPM accreditation program during this growth period and to serve the council well into the future.

The IPM Council of Canada is a not-for-profit association bringing together industry associations and groups committed to having IPM as the standard in turf, landscape care, structural and public works vegetation management. For more information about the council or the IPM accreditation program, visit http://www.ipmcouncilcanada.org or call 416-919-3832.


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