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Wire burying made easy

February 12, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Save time and increase productivity when burying wire around the yard with the Perimeter Wire Machine PWM600MH from Portable Winch, available in Canada from Rittenhouse in St. Catharines, Ont.

The Perimeter Wire Machine PWM600MH is a high performance model designed for professionals who want to increase productivity when burying wire. It is a lightweight and compact machine that allows you to bury electrical wires up to 1968’ (600 m) long and 0.15″ (4 mm) in diameter at a depth between 1.6 to 2.4″ (4 to 6 cm) per hour. Burying electrical wires around your perimeter will provide a guide for a robotic lawn mower so it doesn’t go past a certain point in your yard while mowing.

Capable of installing wire from most robot manufacturers, the PWM600MH is equipped with stepped centering hubs, plastic spacers, and rubber dampers that uncoil wire smoothly from most reel types up to 1640′ (500 m). It will accommodate most wire spools supplied by the manufacturers of robotic lawnmowers. The edge distance guide allows for the insertion of perimeter wire at a consistent and precise distance (15 to 45 cm from an edge), allowing you to meet robot manufacturer’s requirements.

The low profile and offset multi-position handle allows you to install wire along wide hedges, shrubs, under low branches, and into tight corners.


Equipped with a hardened steel blade that is good for all types of soil, including regular, compacted, and stony. The blade is reversible, has two types of teeth, and is offset 6″ (15 cm) from the outside of the wheel to get closer to edges. The sliding foot reduces debris accumulation around the blade and its axis. It also facilitates the insertion of the blade into the ground and prevents grass damage.

More comfortable than ever, this Perimeter Wire Machine lets you bury wire with virtually no effort. The transmission is self-propelled to allow for a constant rate of installation and reduce operator effort, while improving productivity by saving time. The ergonomic pivoting handle allows for multiple work positions that are comfortable. The multi-position handle is adjustable and is capable of tilting 180° front and back and pivoting 30° to the right, allowing you to facilitate operation in tight, narrow spaces. Due to its lightweight and compact size, the PWM600MH Perimeter Wire Machine can be easily transported and will even fit in the back of a small vehicle.


Powered by a 4-stroke Honda GXH-50 2.1 HP gas engine that delivers reliable power and performance for as long as you need it. The engine comes with an hour meter for easy maintenance planning.

Robotic mowers are a huge success in Europe; however installation is difficult. That is where the Perimeter Wire Machine comes in. It cuts installation time by five times. It is also ideal for installing electronic dog fences, such as the invisible fence.

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