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Weego upgrades jump starting pack for jobsite pro

November 6, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Nov. 6, 2018 – Weego’s 66 Jump Starting Power Pack has been upgraded with new features, maintaining its reputation as a safe, reliable, rugged and powerful power pack among 12-volt battery systems.

Weego 66 has increased its true cranking amps by 10 per cent – to reach 660 amps – for an upgrade in compact versatility and power. Peak amps measure 2,500 amps. Its lightweight design, at only 2.5 pounds, delivers the high-powered, jump starting charge needed to get trucks, tractors, cars, boats and light-duty equipment moving again as quickly as possible. Weego 66’s patented, ergonomic Smarty Clamps™ come complete with extra-wide openings and new tapered tips also featured on other Weego high performance models. The Smarty Clamps’ tips easily and firmly contact hard-to-reach terminals found in many commercial vehicle battery compartments. Weego 66’s new AutoBoost™ technology ensures dead batteries as low as a half-volt can be safely jumped without any safety-compromising, override button that is built into other models.

For increased versatility, the four-in-one Weego 66 is also capable of bringing phones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices back to life via 5V USB and 19V outputs; powers 12V portable accessories; and provides ultra-bright lighting functionality with a 600-lumen dual LED flashlight complete with emergency strobe and SOS functions.

Weego 66 provides up to two years standby time and a broad operating range of minus four to 140 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure it will deliver the strongest power in any conditions, whether land or sea. Rugged construction with high-quality components, Weego 66 is safe to transport, handle and use; anti-spark, reverse polarity, overheat, and power surge protections are built in. Weego 66 cranking amp readings are verified; engine compatibilities are tried and true; and lumen specifications are accurate. With no governing agency to verify portable-power product specifications, trust in a brand is critical to ensure safety.


The rugged Weego 66 is IP65 rated for water, dust and dirt resistance, independently lab tested and backed by Weego’s 18-month warranty. For more information on Weego 66, visit www.myweego.com.


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