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Walk-behind increases productivity, profitability

June 19, 2013  By  Mike Jiggens

With the introduction of its Commercial 30 walk-behind, Exmark® gives landscape professionals a new option that can significantly improve productivity compared to the typical 21-inch commercial walk-behind mowers they’re using today.

With a 30-inch cut width, the new model offers 43 per cent more cut area per pass, yet maneuverability and balance remain similar to a 21-inch model.

The Commercial 30 delivers enhanced productivity with the superior quality of cut thanks to its 4.6-inch deep 3-in-1 cutting deck. The design allows users to change from side discharge, to bagging or mulching, quickly and easily without tools. The blade design works in conjunction with the timed, two-blade blade system to provide optimal cut quality and reduced horsepower consumption in all three cutting modes.

“Our customers are excited about the Commercial 30 because it does many of the things they’ve been wanting in a small walk-behind, but haven’t been able to get until now,” said Exmark director of marketing, Daryn Walters. “It’s more productive, yet still easy to maneuver in tight spaces. It’s compact, so it transports easily on a trailer or in a truck. It’s cost-efficient, engineered to be durable and flexible to the conditions at-hand.


“The Commercial 30 can give contractors much of the productivity of a larger, more expensive walk-behind combined with the maneuverability and cost-effectiveness of a smaller mower.”

A standout feature of the reinforced structure, frame and cutting deck on the Commercial 30 is the patented front height adjustment system, designed to withstand years of commercial use without the need for ongoing service or repair. In addition, a single-point rear height adjuster design isolates the transmission and frame from damage due to impact loading, providing superior durability. One-half-inch steel wear bars, a one-inch diameter bumper and metal side discharge cover are all designed for durability and cutting deck protection. Heavy-duty side braces and engine guard provide superior engine protection and increased frame durability.


The Commercial 30 features a positive drive transmission with infinitely-variable ground speed up to 4.2 mph. The positive drive design couples left-and-right side drive wheels for maximum traction and the large, heavy-duty wet clutch transmission is custom-built for Exmark to provide increased service life. The self-tensioning belt drive to the transmission prolongs belt life and effectively eliminates the need for ongoing service adjustments.

The key to the two-blade deck drive system on the Commercial 30 is a simple timing belt system that maintains blade position and isolates the engine from shock load. Blade drivers incorporate a shear pin, which allows for simple service and replacement and also protects the timing system in the event of an impact. An access panel at the front of the mower allows users to easily inspect, clean or make adjustments to the system. Heavy-duty spindle assemblies utilize robust ball bearings, forged spindles and die-cast housings.

An optional high-performance mulch kit is available to provide enhanced mulching performance in especially demanding mulching conditions, such as wet, heavy grass or heavy leaf conditions. The kit can also act as a fill-reduction kit when operating in bagging mode, which reduces the number of times the bag is emptied.

“This type of setup (running a bagger with a fill-reduction kit) has proven to be very popular with quite a few of our customers,” Walters said.

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