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Victoria Day weekend opening for golf courses in Ontario?

Courses are ready, but just need a date

May 5, 2020
By GuelphToday.com


Guelph’s area golf courses are ready to go. All that is needed now is a date. David DeCorso, whose family owns two of Guelph’s courses, suspects the target opening date provided by the Ontario government could be this month’s Victoria Day weekend.


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2 Comments » for Victoria Day weekend opening for golf courses in Ontario?
  1. Bob Wallis says:

    The chances of being nearby someone and contracting covid-19 in a garden center would be about 100 times more likely than on a golf course. What reason could Ford possibly have to not allow Ontario’s approximately 2000 18-hole golf courses to open. If anyone knows and follows rules, it’s golfers. Plus, let’s not forget the thousands of dollars per week in collected HST. It’s not a lot but it’s better than having no income. So, premier Ford; wake up and stop trying every day to be closer to the Dumpster down south. You’ll never reach his depth of stupidity, arrogance, ignorance and every other negative adjective you can think of. So stop trying and use some common sense when it comes to golfing in Ontario. Thank You.
    Bob Wallis

  2. Michael gorrin says:

    We love golf so to play we would all respect the new rules and smile all day

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