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Versatility provided by utility vehicles in professional turf maintenance jobs

UTVs have what it takes to get fall work done

September 9, 2022  By Steven Benedict

In recent years, turf care professionals are increasingly recognizing just how powerful, versatile and effective utility vehicles are for getting tough jobs done. Photo credit: KIOTI Tractor

As August slips away, the summer heat will fade into a crisp autumn and flip flops will get pushed to the back of the closet. It feels like saying goodbye to a friend, doesn’t it? But instead of succumbing to the end-of-summer blues, it’s the perfect time to look ahead for more comfortable working conditions for turf care professionals. 

The fall season brings a well-deserved cooldown to sweltering days in the sun, but it also means outdoor workers have a far lengthier to-do list and fewer daylight hours to accomplish it. As the leaves begin to fall, turf care professionals begin to turn their attention to autumn cleanup and preparation for the winter ahead. Whether they’re working to maintain a public park, sports facility, private or commercial landscaping site or another setting, the demand on turf care professionals across Canada remains high throughout the fall season. This changing of the seasons calls for a versatile machine that’s ready to help these crews get their work done efficiently and effectively. 

Cue the utility vehicle, also known as a UTV. In recent years, turf care professionals are increasingly recognizing just how powerful, versatile and effective utility vehicles are for getting tough jobs done. As a result, demand for UTVs has continued to climb and manufacturers have responded with additional features and accessories. 

At KIOTI Tractor, for example, its UTV lineup has expanded to include the K9 2400 Cab model that features a factor cab alongside rugged suspension, an abundance of storage and climate-controlled comfort.

Across the industry, manufacturers are raising the bar to provide turf care professionals with ever-expanding customizations for this already versatile piece of machinery. When it comes to UTVs, options abound to ensure that operators can select the model that best meets their specific needs. From seating capacity and cab style to accessory packages and beyond, the choices can feel endless. 

What is certain, though, is that as we approach the season of giving, there are a lot of reasons for turf care professionals to be thankful for UTVs, whether they’re already using a UTV on the job or are considering adding a vehicle to their fleet. 

Here are our top five reasons you’ll be thankful for a UTV this fall. 

All-season comfortability
The harvest season could bring below freezing temperatures or a continuation of the summer heat. But with a UTV outfitted with a cab, you’re protected from anything Mother Nature has in store. UTVs with a field or factory-installed cab offer automotive-like interior features. The conveniences of air conditioning and heating options ensure year-round comfort regardless of the outdoor conditions. When unexpected weather patterns occur, you’ll be relieved to have a vehicle that’s got you covered, rain or shine. In addition to weather protection, cabs offer a quieter work environment, adding to turf care professionals’ overall comfort level while on the job. Plus, field option cabs allow for quick installation and removal if you don’t need additional protection daily. 

Makes cleanup easy
Cleanup jobs across landscaping sites, parks, golf courses and sports fields can be immensely time-consuming. When the leaves begin to fall, professionals need a vehicle with the capacity to haul and sweep piles of leaves, debris and sticks across large areas. With a UTV, turf care professionals will be grateful for a machine that can efficiently move materials, keeping fields fresh and ready for game day and landscaping sites in prime condition. 

Tackles all types of terrain
They call a UTV a workhorse for a reason – it can power through a variety of terrains, all while carrying a heavy load. With a UTV, you can travel through challenging routes and remote locations without sacrificing a comfortable ride, as many manufacturers have added comfort-focused features such as improved suspension systems. Whether it’s bumpy fields, dirt roads or woodland areas, you can count on your UTV to get you through. With features like plenty of ground clearance, four-wheel drive, and adjustable suspension, a UTV will get you everywhere you need to go. At the same time, with appropriate tires, UTVs are also gentle enough to work with delicate turf on sporting fields or lawns without tearing or damaging the grass, making them an excellent choice for professionals working in turf care. 

The pocketknife of vehicles
UTVs are the perfect companion for operators that need a do-it-all machine. With this pocketknife of a vehicle, you can accomplish a variety of tasks with one machine by adding accessories, attachments, or other implements to customize your experience. Ensure your UTV is as spacious as you need with the ability to choose from one or two rows of seats, giving your crew plenty of room. Riders can maximize the use of their vehicle by adding accessories such as aluminum wheels, winch kits and dump beds, extending their UTV’s capabilities. 

Easy winter to fall transition
There’s no reason to put your UTV away until warmer days once the leaves and snow begin to fall. From snow plowing to debris collection, there are plenty of ways to continue making the most of your UTV on the jobsite. UTV has the power you need to plow deep snow without straining its engine and manoeuvre into tight corners to clear snow that larger equipment might not be able to reach. 

This fall, you’ll be thankful to have such a tough and dependable vehicle by your side Whether you’re tasked with caring for a golf course throughout the winter months, keeping a sports field ready for game day or fulfilling fall cleanup work for landscaping clients, having a UTV in your fleet will help you get the job done. Visit your trusted local dealer to find the utility vehicle that’s best for you and your crew. 

Now, let’s get to work! 

Steven Benedict is product line manager, turf care, for KIOTI Tractor.

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