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Vandal tosses toilet through window of lawn care operator’s company truck

Damage to daughters' car seats strikes a personal nerve

May 10, 2023  By Turf & Rec

A Waterford, Ont. lawn care operator recently fell victim to an act of vandalism, finding a discarded toilet thrown through the window of his company truck.

According to police, it appeared whoever was responsible needed more than one attempt to throw the toilet through the glass. Damage to the door suggested the attempt had previously failed.

Jeff Thompson of Thompson Services said not only will both the door and window need replacement, so, too, will a pair of damaged car seats in the back seat that his twin daughters normally occupy. He said the damage to the car seats was the most disturbing for him personally, noting that as a single father who depends on the seats for his access visits, he has temporarily lost his chance for visitation.

Thompson Services is a lawn care, landscaping and snow removal service in Norfolk County.


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