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Vancouver parks board exploring options to better manage increasing geese populations

City reports geese numbers increasing 20 per cent annually

May 9, 2023  By Turf & Rec

It’s time to do something about the exploding Canada geese population, the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation says.

Numbers are growing about 20 per cent annually, suggests a staff report to the city. The geese have reportedly damaged infrastructure and sensitive ecosystems, and their fecal matter has negatively impacted people’s enjoyment of beaches, pathways and green spaces.

The booming geese population and the resultant damage has generated a sharp increase in 311 calls.

Two options are being considered for the control of the growing geese numbers. One is to addle eggs in upwards of 700 nests in which newly laid eggs are swapped with previously frozen eggs. The birds tend to fly away after realizing the eggs won’t hatch. The second option is to physically remove the geese from city parks.


Both options have a timeline ranging from five to 20 years.


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