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USGA Green Section notes golfer infractions that can harm the golf course in ways they may not know

Infractions go beyond the usual unfixed ball marks and divots

February 8, 2023  By Turf & Rec

The USGA’s Green Section has shared with Golf magazine some of the infractions golfers can make that negatively impact the quality of the playing surface.

These don’t include the usual things that golfers tend to “forget,” such as replacing divots, raking bunkers and fixing ball marks. These additional infractions are things that golfers probably don’t even think about as being harmful to a golf course.

The USGA noted golfers’ use of aerosol sunscreen and spray-on insect repellents as potential grass killers. Spraying these products while standing on turf can render the grass brown and leave behind what resembles a crime scene chalk outline.

Golfers who wish to urinate after a few drinks are providing the turf with high amounts of ammonium, causing notable damage.

Those who drink alcohol in excess may find the need to vomit at a moment’s notice. Undigested matter smothers turf, stinks and is unsightly.

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