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Unmaintained lawns in Mississauga will be cut by city crews at homeowner’s expense

Homeowners must maintain city-owned grass if adjacent to their properties

May 30, 2024  By Turf & Rec

Mow your overgrown lawn or it will be cut for you…at your expense, a City of Mississauga councillor is warning residents who let their grass exceed acceptable heights.

According to city bylaws, grass cannot exceed eight inches in height whether it’s on private or public property. Homeowners are responsible for mowing city-owned green spaces in such places as boulevards or property next to their home.

Warm weather and plentiful rain this spring have led to a flush of growth which is becoming noticeable when neglected.

When homeowners don’t comply with the bylaw, city crews mow the grass for them with the charges added to their tax bills.

This article is part of the Municipalities Week.

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