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The solution for unsafe bridge settlements

March 4, 2018  By  Mike Jiggens

Before, left, and after.

Bridge approach settlements can cause unsafe walking and cycling conditions, poor public perception, potential structural failure of bridges and long-term maintenance costs.

Iowat Inc. Geo-Structural Solutions with GridForce can help alleviate such issues and avoid costly trip and fall claims.

Poor performance of pavement structure, bridge abutment and type, consolidation of the backfill materials, consolidation of the foundation’s soils, and poor drainage are contributors to bridge approach settlement. The bridge approach settlement is defined as “the difference in elevation of approach pavements and bridge decks caused by unequal settlement of embankments and abutments.”

Techniques to repair the issue includes a costly ongoing asphalt patching or overlays method that merely provides a temporary fix while the underlying problem remains. With Iowat’s geo-structural solution, the issue is resolved. It increases the structural capacity of the pavement structure significantly as it deflects weight over a larger area, resulting in reduced stresses on the base and sub-base
and native soils.


Iowat Inc. designs best solutions that help eliminate and mitigate settlement. The company works with experienced and widely recognized geotechnical and pavement-structure engineers who can provide a variety of designs and resolve a wide range of settlement issues permanently.

For more information, visit www.iowat.ca.


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